Your frequently asked questions answered here!

If you have any other questions either give us a call or send an email and we will be happy to help.


  1. What do I need to do before the plasterer starts work?

    It is ideal that the room is cleared of all furniture and accessories. However, if there are any heavy items you need a hand with just let us know.

  2. How can I work out the total number/amount of tiles I will require for my bathroom/kitchen?

    You will need to measure the area which is to be tiled.
    To measure the area you will need a tape measure and a calculator.
    Measure the length and width of the area with the tape measure in meters. Multiply length by width to obtain area, i.e;

    Width: 3m
    Length: 5m

    Width x Length = 15 square meters.
    Most tiles come in 1 square meter boxes, so in our scenario above we would buy 15 boxes plus 1 extra for breakages and errors. (Always buy slightly more than what is required in case of mistakes)

  3. Can you plaster over artex?

    In most cases yes, all high spots will have to be scraped off and then sealed with a PVC, a light skim of bonding and then skim as normal.

  4. What is the best way to strip wallpaper?

    The best method to strip wallpaper from walls would be to use a steam wallpaper stripper, which you can find in most D.I.Y stores.

  5. After my walls have been plastered, how long do I wait before painting walls?

    The plaster ends up a dark brown color after plastering. You have to wait until the plaster has dried out completely and turned into a light pink color. The plastered walls should be lightly sanded with a medium grade paper and then wiped down with a damp cloth before paint is applied.